November 30, 2008

How To Download Videos on Youtube Easily

Ever thinking how to download your favorite videos on YouTube?

Now, i introduced you the DownloadHelper!

Using DownloadHelper, you can easily save videos from most of the popular video sites. Some of the supported sites :
(You can find all the supported sites in here)

Quicklook on DownloadHelper :
  1. It's a Firefox extension to help in downloading media files from the Web. It's able to store on your disk movie files for which the web site does not provide a "Save File" feature. In addition, DownloadHelper can download, in 3 user clicks, all the image and video files linked from a Web page.
  2. it's works on Firefox 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0.

How to install it?
  • Simply go to this site and click at the "Add to Firefox" button.
  • Confirmation box will appear. Click at "Install Now". It will auto-install.
  • You need to restart your Firefox afterward to complete the installation.
You now should see a new icon in your toolbar. You also can change the preference by clicking at the Tools bar in your browser. Not only preference, you can get the list of supported sites, tutorial videos about using it and many more.

Now, go to YouTube and search your video.

Notice that icon has turned into colored one and animated?
Click on it and there's will be a dropdown list of the video.

Click at any video that you wish to download. A dialog box will appear asking you where to save the video. Choose your location and save it.

That's it! I've choose to download the HQ video from the dropdown list. (Do not ask why my connection so slow.)

November 25, 2008

DotA AI+ Map Download :DotA Allstars 6.57b AI+ 1.52 Revision 02

Updated on 29 November 2008 for Revision 2

BuffMePlz has released the latest AI+ map for DotA, DotA Allstars 6.57b AI+ 1.52 Revision 02.

This is a port of RGB's AI+ 1.52, originally written for DotA Allstars 6.48b.

Change Logs :

Revision 2
  • Fixed scoreboard bugs with No Mode
  • Fixed a bug with picking after the initial pick (-repick, -dm)
  • Fixed some map display strings
  • Rewrote Star Storm (Old Silencer) to improve ability behaviour
  • Star Storm and Rain of Chaos (Old Silencer) are no longer channelling
  • Silencer (Old Silencer) is no longer an orb effect
  • Improved Old Morphling and Old Silencer move speed to be the same as their modern counterparts
  • Changed visual effect on Tornado Barrier (God of Wind)
  • Changed God of Wind's unit icon
  • Slightly improved Displace (God of Wind)
  • Added Bat Rider (6.00) to Fun Tavern (Extinct)
  • Updated Old Morphling's spell database to allow stealing abilities from Kunkka, Windrunner and Bat Rider
  • Added new -fun command: -tryhero
Revision 1
  • First update to 6.57b
  • Fixed a bug with long gametype commands
  • Fixed display text for -csXX
  • Fixed a bug with Roshan's armour aura after 50 minutes
  • Fixed a bug with selling Aghanim's Scepter
  • Fixed a bug with -pe on the Scourge side
  • Rewrote Focus Fire to prevent crashes with AI
  • Rewrote the way AI purchases and sells Bottles to address a problem with dropping items
  • AI Crystal Maiden now learns Brilliance Aura after Frost Nova and Frostbite (instead of at levels 22-25)
  • AI Keeper of the Light now properly learns attribute bonuses
  • Run Down (Rider) now gives vision of the targeted unit
  • Improved the targeting and behaviour of Betrayal (Old Invoker)
  • Fixed seeing a dummy ability when swapping with AI Sand King
    *Unofficial fixes
    -Fixed some typos (Eye of Skadi Ranged, Windrunner, Captain CoCo's Rum, Recall, Courier Shield, Burst)

Known Bugs :
  • AI don't properly react to -nb, -nm and -nt modes.
  • Some exploits that should have been fixed are still in the game, just don't use them. If you really want to cheat against AI, just use -test.
Commands that have yet to be implemented properly:
  • -ah
  • -afk
  • -kickafk
  • -rd (the new one in 6.53, -rd is in the game but done the same way pre-6.53)
  • -cm
Fun tavern:

Currently includes fifteen legacy heroes (possibly more in the future):

  • Old Invoker (6.12b)
  • Old Lifestealer (6.48b)
  • Old Silencer (6.12b)
  • Gambler (6.06)
  • Old Morphling (5.84b)
  • Old Stealth Assassin (5.84b)
  • Old Pudge (5.51)
  • Old Chen (5.64)
  • Old Medusa (5.84b)
  • Void Demon (3.0d)
  • Rider (5.72)
  • God of Wind (6.01)
  • Flame Lord (5.51)
  • Avatar of Vengeance (6.32b)
  • Astral Trekker (3.0d)

To access the fun taverns, type -fun within the first 15 seconds of the game. Note that Fun Tavern heroes do not have AI scripts and will not buy items or use/learn skills.

The map can be downloaded here :