February 28, 2009

Google Chrome Backup

Chrome logoGoogle Chrome Backup is a nice backup tool to create backups of your Google Chrome profiles. Google Chrome Backup can backup, create, restore and delete Google Chrome profiles. A profile contains all the personal information of a user like bookmarks, the browsing history and the layout of the browser.
You also can create another profile(s) for your Chrome browser. Means that it would not become a problem if you are sharing your Chrome with your family or friends.

Another features for this backup utility:

-Backup and Restore Wizard
-Chrome and Chromium support
-Select a profile
-Backup and restore profile
-Create and delete profile
-Add existing profiles to Google Chrome backup


^Creating new profile^

^Some of the options^

Download: Click Here

February 22, 2009

Rip Movies with Your Free DVD Ripper

This is one of the software to rip and convert movies into another format.
Your Free DVD Ripper provides you a simple way to convert DVD movies to VCD/SVCD (MPEG1, MPEG2), AVI (DivX, MPEG4, xDiv etc.), MP3, WAV formats. The software detects your CPU type and selects the most effective algorithm. You can convert a specific time segment or chapter of DVD if you do not need to convert the whole movie. The flexible options allow to enjoy the excellent resulting quality.

Main Features:
-Rip DVD to multi formats - include VCD(MPEG-1 format), SVCD (MPEG-2 format), DivX and other standard AVI compression codecs. Plus audio formats: MP3 and WAV!
-Playback while ripping - You can know which part of the DVD movie is being ripped since it plays back while ripping.
-Support Different DVD Types - Support both NTSC and PAL.
-Optimized for your type of CPU.
-Specify different output format for each task.
-Converts entire movie.
-Converts each chapter to an individual file.
-Convert any part of a chapter or movie.
-Remove unwanted subtitles and audio tracks.
-Excellent Quality - Achieve smaller files without any loss of quality.

dvd ripper

February 19, 2009

Backup Your Gmail Account

Gmail logo It's been a five years since i registered and using my Gmail account.But only now I knew how to backup those bunch of email in my account. 

This ia a free utility that will backup your Gmail account completely.
GMail Backup is a free utility (I love the word FREE!) that can restore or backup your Gmail account. The backup is stored in standard eml format, which means you can open your messages using Outlook express.

gmail backup

Enter your login information.
Choose where you want to put your backup emails.
Click on the backup button.
You can view your messages by double click on it and it will open in Outlook Express.

Download: GMail Backup

February 12, 2009

Download Flickr Photos with Flickr Original

This Firefox add-ons will let you to download full-sized photos from Flickr.

Enter Flickr Original.
Please take note that this add-on is an experimental mode. It basically provides the means to download Flickr images by right-clicking on a thumbnail. If you visit Flickr you notice that thumbnails are located on the first page that you visit if you perform a search or browse images.

Install the add-on. You need to restart your Firefox browser. Do it and go to the Flick website.

All that you need to do is right-click on any image and select Download Original Flickr Image option in the context menu. A download dialog will appeared so you can choose the download location.

flickr original

Another function for this add-on is to view the full sized image immediately on Flickr. Anyhow, the add-on is not working on all Flickr images. Images with disabled downloads and the flag ”all rights reserved” cannot be download this way. A error message will appear telling the user that the image is not available for download.

February 4, 2009

Download Subtitle with Subs Grabber

Subs Grabber is a tool that can used to download subtitles without needing you to open your web browser. The tool provides an easy to use interface to search for subtitles. The user has to enter a search term, pick a language and hit the GO button to perform a search.
Some of Subs Grabber features :

1) fastest search engine on 3 subtitles servers: subtitrari.softpedia.com, subs.ro and podnapisi.net
2) mass subtitles grabbing
3) movie cover/poster on search results (ready to be grabbed as well)
4) automatically unpack subtitles after grabbing them
5) FREE!!



Put in what movie's title you want to download, hit "GO" button and the results will appear. Double click on what subtitle you want (make sure the name are sync with your movie), and choose your download location. Paste the downloaded subtitle into movie's folder and you are done! hyper

Do let me know if you find any trouble ya!