February 4, 2009

Download Subtitle with Subs Grabber

Subs Grabber is a tool that can used to download subtitles without needing you to open your web browser. The tool provides an easy to use interface to search for subtitles. The user has to enter a search term, pick a language and hit the GO button to perform a search.
Some of Subs Grabber features :

1) fastest search engine on 3 subtitles servers: subtitrari.softpedia.com, subs.ro and podnapisi.net
2) mass subtitles grabbing
3) movie cover/poster on search results (ready to be grabbed as well)
4) automatically unpack subtitles after grabbing them
5) FREE!!



Put in what movie's title you want to download, hit "GO" button and the results will appear. Double click on what subtitle you want (make sure the name are sync with your movie), and choose your download location. Paste the downloaded subtitle into movie's folder and you are done! hyper

Do let me know if you find any trouble ya!

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