February 28, 2009

Google Chrome Backup

Chrome logoGoogle Chrome Backup is a nice backup tool to create backups of your Google Chrome profiles. Google Chrome Backup can backup, create, restore and delete Google Chrome profiles. A profile contains all the personal information of a user like bookmarks, the browsing history and the layout of the browser.
You also can create another profile(s) for your Chrome browser. Means that it would not become a problem if you are sharing your Chrome with your family or friends.

Another features for this backup utility:

-Backup and Restore Wizard
-Chrome and Chromium support
-Select a profile
-Backup and restore profile
-Create and delete profile
-Add existing profiles to Google Chrome backup


^Creating new profile^

^Some of the options^

Download: Click Here


  1. FF was my default and my best browser for almost 3 years. But now i've switched to Opera as it 's better than FF. :D
    About Google Chrome, it's better than FF for me eventhough it need lots of improvements like add-on.

    The choice is in your hand.
    I reckon you to try Opera.

  2. i pnah gune CHROME n OPERA... but i prefer FF...

  3. :-)
    i still prefer Opera..
    yeah..maybe you feel unconfortable using Opera..
    FF is not bad then..