January 31, 2009

How To Map Hack in DotA

In this post, I will show you how to do a maphack in DotA.

This was taken before maphack turned on.

maphack 4

maphack 1

These taken after I turned on the maphack.

maphack 3

maphack 6

maphack 7

First step is, download this maphack program by ShadowFrench here.
I'm using version 1.21.B5 for this tutorial.
And yes, if you using Kaspersky Antivirus, you need to turn it off before download this program as Kaspersky detected it as a trojan.

Run your Warcraft 3. Check what version of your Warcraft. I'm using version 1.21 in this tutorial.
Then, you need to open your task manager and check what PID number your Warcraft using. Do not close your Warcraft as the PID number will change everytime you close and open it.

maphack 2

Open your maphack program.


1) Enter your Warcraft's PID number like in the picture above.
2) Choose your hotkey to turn your maphack while playing. (Hotkey in the screenshot is the default one)
3) Choose your Warcraf's version.


Join any game and when the game started, press your hotkey to turn on the maphack.

Note: Use it at your own risk!


  1. so far, i still didn't get banned yet. :-)
    so, use it at your own risk..
    you can try it through GArena as my friend and I always playing there and using it. :-D

  2. i tried it but it was detected by Garena. sucks!

  3. yeah.. I'm so sorry for my reply above.. This maphack will be detected by Garena. So sorry for the wrong info.

  4. awk..sori2..reen xley shout kt shoutbox awk..kne block..shoutbox reen kdg2 ley,kdg2 x..so reply cni je ye..reen jb kt tebrau..tp stad kt klate ni..hehe.. :P

  5. sir,my maphack olweyz get a W3 PID ERROR,but i put my Correct W3 PID...check it out in my SS(ScreenShot)..and sir.your SS on top.your W3 PID is not the same.
    3420.and the other one is 3120..???


  6. panu pag ayaw mona sa map hack? panu e2 ma dedelete?