January 9, 2009

8start - A Cool, Free Application Launcher

Sorry if you keep waiting for my new entry. A bit busy now with the lecture hours and assignments. Plus with my shitty Internet connection! angry Let me pay it!

Want a clean, smart-looking dekstop? Feels your desktop in a messy conditions with so many shortcut on it? Too many shortcuts until you can't see your beautiful wallpaper behind it?
Now you can have a beautiful desktop with this free application launcher!

8start Launcher is the most convenient and advanced way to launch your start menu.
This exclusive startup and applications launching utility will change the way you use your desktop. It becomes easier in identifying programs from the displayed groups and icons. It makes your wallpaper visible clearer, cleaner desktop with menus accessible with a single click.

Some of Launcher's Features:
- Organize shortcuts into groups and categories
- Accessed by system tray, hotkey and middle mouse
- Launch applications and files fast and intuitive
- Keeps the desktop clean, no more shortcuts block the view of your wallpaper
- Portable with relative path defined supported, can be run in flash drive or install in harddisk.
- Show program name / description when mouse over the icon
- Quick access to the drive content by click the drive letter
- Changable skin with transpancy png format supported, 30+ beautiful skins available for download
- Launcher auto shrink to fit number of icons
- Whole new concept of launching your applications and files

8start 5
My finalised setting of 8start Launcher!

Presssing Ctrl+Shift+A will bring up the 8start windows where your mouse pointer is.
Anyway, that's my combination keys. You still can change it the way you like.

8start 4
Click at the Menu button to organize dan setting your 8start.

Have a wonderful days! smiling...


  1. The whole idea is cool but i;m not like the default skin...

    As for me, using the combination of rocketdock and launchy is the best ;)

    Btw, 8start is sure a nice apps from malaysia dev :D

  2. haha
    i never that one
    only use this small utility to customize my shortcut!
    you can change the default skin and download new ones if you want.