January 15, 2009

Automatically Display Lyrics In Winamp

Leolyrics Winamp Plugins (Leo's Lyrics Plugins) let you to automatically display lyrics in Winamp when Winamp play any media files. When you play something on Winamp, Leo's Lyrics Plugins will automatically search Leolyrics.com huge lyrics database that exactly match the song name and artist. Downloaded lyrics then will be saved in achieve so the plugin won't need to re-download the lyrics everytime a same song is played.


leo plugin 1

And everytime this plugin cannot find the exact match for played song, a list will display and you have to manually choose the lyric from there.

I reckon that this plugin is a must-install plugin for Winamp!

Download : Leolyrics Winamp Plugins


  1. mende ni lama dah aku tau.. anyway, nice information utk bebudk yg x tau lg..

  2. yupp..
    just info for others who still dont know about it yet
    anyway, thanks for visiting! :D