January 5, 2009

Download And Play Offline Game

Addicted to any offline games? Ever thinking oon how to play it without using Internet? Ever thinking on ow to download it?
Well, now you can download it with ease! hyper
Ok! Let's get start. First, go to this site, File2HD. This site will let you download flash games from most of the flash gaming site.

1. What you need to do is, go to the page with the flash game that you want to download.
2. Copy the page URL and paste it into File2HD.
3. Set ‘Filter’ to ‘Objects’ and click on ‘Get Files’ button.
4. Next, File2HD should retrieve the direct link to the game file.

flash offline 1

5. Right click and download that game to your computer.

We're done at the first step. Now we're into the second step.

1. We need this so-called FlashOffliner in order to run those games we have downloaded.
2. Install dan run it. Notice that there's a icon in the taskbar. Right-click it.

flash offline 2>
You should see the available games to play and it comes with the installation files that you just downloaded.

3. Now, how to add the games that you downloaded from websites? Right-click the FlashOffliner icon and choose ‘Create New Flash Offliner Package’ and then point it to the downloaded file. Start packing it.

flass offliner 5

4. Again right click on the FlashOffliner icon and select the ‘Install FlashOffliner Option’. Point it to where you have saved your file in step 3 above. This will install the game and added to your FlashOffliner games.

flass offline 3

flash offline 4
That's it! hyper

You can easily resize it to 400×300, 640×480, 1024×768 or Full Screen.

Oh ya, not to forget, I have download the game "High School Cheerleader" here, Addictive Games. It's a huge site for flash games and there's so many games you can choose yourself.


  1. Haha...aku selalu sedut dari web miniclip ;)

  2. mcm best je..
    berat tak kalau dah donlot?

  3. aku dah donlot dah
    tapi tak leh full screen ke??

  4. boleh...
    boleh full screen
    right click kat Flash Offliner kat taskbar tu
    then ambil FlashOffliner Menu, then pilih yg kat Wiodows sieze..
    pilih laa mana2 size yg cik amoi nak ya

  5. dh jumpa dh..
    tapi ada files yang tak de kan?

  6. apa maksud amoi dengan " ada files yang takde" tu?

  7. maksud nya bila masuk File2HD
    pastu aku letak link url gamr dari miniclip
    ada yang tak de..dah la game tu best tapi files donlot dia tak de,

  8. ye ke ni?
    ermm...tak tahu lah nak kata camne..
    yg saya coba semenye dapat..
    cube cik amoi bagi saya link game tu..
    saya cuba buat..

  9. its easier to just use firefox's 'page info, and open in flash player

  10. dimana downloadnya???

  11. saan kaya down load nito