January 27, 2009

Check if Your Computer Can Run a Specific Game

How to check if you computer can run a specific game?
Puzzled if your computer can run a game smoothly?
Plus with newest generation game that required higher game specification.
Well, you can check it here.

System Requirements Lab is a simple tool designed to help you check your computer’s hardware and detect whether it meets the official minimum and recommended requirements of a PC game. It requires the installation of a quick Java applet (SRLApplet from Husdawg, LLC)

I have made a test with this website (wondering whether my lappy can run newest game or not laugh)

check 2

^I've choose to run a test with Devil May Cry 4.^

check 3

A loading bar will appeared, and it’ll ask you to install the applet. Let the applet install, and your results should appear shortly.

And the result is? Photobucket

check 4

I've failed! sad....

check 5

This is the list of the required PC specifications, and then your PC specifications with a rating bar relative to the requires specifications. It’ll also list any “helpful” information, including links to free driver updates, and if your hardware does not meet the requirements, a link to their recommendations (which uses a page from the store TigerDirect).

This site is useful when you want to buy a DVD games or download it from internet. Have your PC check here before download or buy a DVD games.

Lucky I'm not so addicted to games. Have a pleasant day everyone!


  1. hihihi
    website ni sebenarnye cuma nak test samada PC kita ni dapat run tak game2 yang dah install.
    cik amoi cuba la..
    sekejap je pun..

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