November 25, 2008

DotA AI+ Map Download :DotA Allstars 6.57b AI+ 1.52 Revision 02

Updated on 29 November 2008 for Revision 2

BuffMePlz has released the latest AI+ map for DotA, DotA Allstars 6.57b AI+ 1.52 Revision 02.

This is a port of RGB's AI+ 1.52, originally written for DotA Allstars 6.48b.

Change Logs :

Revision 2
  • Fixed scoreboard bugs with No Mode
  • Fixed a bug with picking after the initial pick (-repick, -dm)
  • Fixed some map display strings
  • Rewrote Star Storm (Old Silencer) to improve ability behaviour
  • Star Storm and Rain of Chaos (Old Silencer) are no longer channelling
  • Silencer (Old Silencer) is no longer an orb effect
  • Improved Old Morphling and Old Silencer move speed to be the same as their modern counterparts
  • Changed visual effect on Tornado Barrier (God of Wind)
  • Changed God of Wind's unit icon
  • Slightly improved Displace (God of Wind)
  • Added Bat Rider (6.00) to Fun Tavern (Extinct)
  • Updated Old Morphling's spell database to allow stealing abilities from Kunkka, Windrunner and Bat Rider
  • Added new -fun command: -tryhero
Revision 1
  • First update to 6.57b
  • Fixed a bug with long gametype commands
  • Fixed display text for -csXX
  • Fixed a bug with Roshan's armour aura after 50 minutes
  • Fixed a bug with selling Aghanim's Scepter
  • Fixed a bug with -pe on the Scourge side
  • Rewrote Focus Fire to prevent crashes with AI
  • Rewrote the way AI purchases and sells Bottles to address a problem with dropping items
  • AI Crystal Maiden now learns Brilliance Aura after Frost Nova and Frostbite (instead of at levels 22-25)
  • AI Keeper of the Light now properly learns attribute bonuses
  • Run Down (Rider) now gives vision of the targeted unit
  • Improved the targeting and behaviour of Betrayal (Old Invoker)
  • Fixed seeing a dummy ability when swapping with AI Sand King
    *Unofficial fixes
    -Fixed some typos (Eye of Skadi Ranged, Windrunner, Captain CoCo's Rum, Recall, Courier Shield, Burst)

Known Bugs :
  • AI don't properly react to -nb, -nm and -nt modes.
  • Some exploits that should have been fixed are still in the game, just don't use them. If you really want to cheat against AI, just use -test.
Commands that have yet to be implemented properly:
  • -ah
  • -afk
  • -kickafk
  • -rd (the new one in 6.53, -rd is in the game but done the same way pre-6.53)
  • -cm
Fun tavern:

Currently includes fifteen legacy heroes (possibly more in the future):

  • Old Invoker (6.12b)
  • Old Lifestealer (6.48b)
  • Old Silencer (6.12b)
  • Gambler (6.06)
  • Old Morphling (5.84b)
  • Old Stealth Assassin (5.84b)
  • Old Pudge (5.51)
  • Old Chen (5.64)
  • Old Medusa (5.84b)
  • Void Demon (3.0d)
  • Rider (5.72)
  • God of Wind (6.01)
  • Flame Lord (5.51)
  • Avatar of Vengeance (6.32b)
  • Astral Trekker (3.0d)

To access the fun taverns, type -fun within the first 15 seconds of the game. Note that Fun Tavern heroes do not have AI scripts and will not buy items or use/learn skills.

The map can be downloaded here :

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