May 9, 2009

Free Screen Capture Tools

Quik tip. If you are tired of using Windows default screen caputer, try these free alternative software for capturing screenshot.


If you don’t want to pay, here are an option for you. Greenshot is a lightweight screen capture utility that doesn’t need any installation (you can bring it with you in a Flash drive). It allows you to capture screen, active window and region and then open on its editor for annotation.


Free Screen Capturer
Freeware for screen capture utility. It can save the captured images to different formats (BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, or TIFF) as well as capturing wmv animations.

A project by the creator of Snag It. This software allows you to capture images, record video and then directly share it online to your friends (it uploads the images or videos to the online repository and provides you with the URL to share to your friends). It also allows you to share the images and videos to ScreenCast, Flickr, etc!


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