December 15, 2008

Is Popular software Safe and Secure?

Do you think popular softwares always safe and secure?

Do you think using antivirus will ensure the safety of your PC?

Think again. 

Bit9 has listed the most widely used applications with known security flaws.

A list compiled by enterprise application whitelisting vendor Bit9 found that 12 of the most popular consumer applications are being used despite having vulnerabilities that could make for compromised systems or stolen data.

The list included Mozilla Firefox (tha's why iI'm using Opera!), Apple's iTunes,Safari browser. Antivirus utilities didn't escape mention, with products from Symantec's Norton family and from Trend Micro also listed.

So, do not completely trust your antivirus vendors and popular softwares that evolves around you. Safety first ya. :-)

For further reading, click here. 

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