December 11, 2008

Microsoft's Irish website defaced

Microsoft's Irish domain,, has been defaced by a group calling themselves the "terrorist crew".

The page is used as a re director to The group involved are believed to be Turkish hackers.

Microsoft has a history of having its websites defaced, in 2004 was defaced and during 2007 Microsoft UK was defaced and hacked. Earlier this year it was revealed that thousands of sites that run Microsoft's web server IIS had been hacked due to a SQL server injection.

According to a netcraft report, runs on Windows Server 2003 and is hosted by Novara Shared Hosting.

Thanks to Robin Blandford whose Tweet made Neowin aware of this story.

At the time of writing the site was still sitting live and defaced but for those that might read this a little late here's a screenshot: 

Source : Neowin.Net

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