December 17, 2008

Opening *.docx File

Have you ever received a*.docx file and do not have any idea what it is?

Well, it's actually a MicrosoftWord 2007's file. And its using different extension compared to Microsoft Office 203. 

Example: *.ppt is Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 extension and *.pptx is Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007.

Microsoft probably thought that by making these the default formats, everyone would actually be upgrading to the new version of Office as soon as it was released. But anyway, I'm still using old Office 2003. :-p

How to open those new extension without using new version of Office? Well, take a look at this.

Using OpenOffice: is an open-source, multiplatform and multilingual office suite comparable with MS Office. The best, its FREE! 

Using ZamZar:

Zamzar is an online service to convert files between various formats, docx (and pptx and xlsx) being one of them. The website is free of advertisements and the service speedy. What more can you ask for ? All that Zamzar asks for is your email address to send over a link to the converted document, and of course the original document.

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